Art is my passion.
For over a decade I have honed my craft as an Illustrator to build my own visual language and creative process.
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Everything I do is funded through Patreon.
I do what I do because I am passionate about it, not because it makes the most money. I am therefore very thankful to all the people donate so that I can spend more of my time on what I love.
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The person under it all.
Tallerås is known in the digital politics community in Norway for creating the oldest and largest Norwegian instance of Mastodon. The instance was created in 2019, and has attained thousands of signups and buzzes with hundreds of active users every day.

After about 10 years Christoffer has essentially retired from Norwegian politics. During those previous years he has been an active voice and worked in the Green party of Norway, Green Youth of Norway and the Young Pirates of Norway, as well as doing various activism through the years.
Lillehammer, Norway

Join Norway's largest Mastodon instance.
Mastodon is the worlds leading alternative to the traditional social media experiences. It works to build a network of many social medie websites so that you can choose the host that you are the most happy with without being locked away from your friends and family.

Recently Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram announced that they'll be joining the network through their new platform called Threads.
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