If you are norwegian, you will be able to join Norway's largest Mastodon instance

Mastodon is a decentralized social mediaplattform that let's different Mastodon homeplaces, and homeplaces from other different platforms communicate with each other as if they are on the same network. This network bosts more that 11 million users and has been a safe haven for the many that fled Twitter after he bought the plattform.

 I have a Discord

I have always loved and used a lot of time on discord with friends I've made online. It has been essential for developing as an artist and experience the magnitude of cool stuff to enjoy as a creative person. I therefore want to be able to do that for other people too.

Patreon is a community too

There is also a lot of extra content and community features on Patreon, but most important of all, it supports what I do, and keeps services like snabelen.no, or things like my blog, keep running.


Art, politics and creative projects.


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