I live and die for my work

Christoffer is a Norwegian visual artist from the Olympic town of Lillehammer. He completed his design studies with general studyspecialization in 2015 at Gjøvik Upper Secondary School, and studied visual arts at Nansen Humanistic Academy in 2017.

Christoffer is also quite politically engaged, with nearly 10 years in organized politics. He has been particularly active in the organizations Green Youth, the Green Party, and Young Pirates. After working as an advisor for the Green Party, Christoffer stepped away from organized politics after losing the 2021 parlamentary elections.

In 2019, Christoffer established a home for the decentralized social media platform Mastodon, which is now the largest and longest-standing Norwegian Mastodon instance today, boasting numerous sign-ups and hundreds of daily active users.


(No, I don't work with dinosaurs, I just like them a lot.)


Art, politics and creative projects.


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